Throwing and catching the baseball properly is the most important learned skill of the game. When a player can throw and catch with confidence the rest of the game becomes fun. This progression series of videos will take you step by step through the process of how to throw and catch the baseball properly. The players who throw and catch the best, will be able to play more positions, and get more opportunities to play on the field.

Step 1 - Basics of Throwing and Catching
The window, grip, arm range of motion, arm position, shoulder alignment, glove position, "telling time", common mistakes

Step 2 - Seated Throwing Drill
Throw and catch from the seated position. Start bare handed to keep focus on throwing mechanics and range of motion.

Step 3 - One Knee Throwing Drill
Throwing from one knee to drill proper mechanics.

Step 4 - Putting it all together
This is the fun part.